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About Corr Instruments

Founded in 2003, Corr Instruments, LLC is the world pioneer in developing and manufacturing sensor systems for monitoring localized and general corrosion and special probes for measuring solution chemistry under extreme high-temperature and high-pressure conditions.

Our nanoCorr® corrosion monitoring systems are based on Coupled Multielectrode Array Sensor (CMAS) Technology which is the only known method for online and real time monitoring the quantitative rate of localized corrosion. The nanoCorr® systems are being used by field technicians/engineers, plant operators, and researchers in nearly all continents of the world.

Our state-of-the-art probes for pH, ORP, conductivity, and reference potential under extreme temperatures (up to 550 °C) and pressures (up to 7500 psig) have made it possible for the first time for engineers and researchers to measure the physicochemical properties of the fluids from high-temperature and/or high-pressure reactors, geothermal plants, and deep oil wells. These probes are built upon our proprietary seal, Queon™, which is the world’s only electrical-insulating compression seal for applications beyond 232 °C.

Corr Instruments, LLC is committed to providing products and services of the highest quality to its clients through research and innovation. Our products are backed by nine U. S. and other international patents. Our engineers have played active roles in the developments of corrosion monitoring standards at NACE and ASTM societies and have authored/co-authored multiple book chapters and a large number of papers on corrosion monitoring. Our key technical member, Dr. Lietai Yang, is the editor of the recent reference book “Techniques for Corrosion Monitoring”. He is the co-recipient of the 2006 Bengough Award from the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (UK) and has served as the chair/vice chair of more than 10 corrosion monitoring symposia/workshops organized by international societies such as NACE, ICC, and MS&T.



Our nanoCorr systems are built upon some of the following patents wholly owned by Corr Instruments:

  • US9109991 (08/18/2015)
  • US8298390 (10/30/2012)
  • US7678260 (03/16/2010)
  • US7675297 (03/09/2010)
  • US7466149 (12/16/2008)
  • US7180309 (02/20/2007)
  • US8111078 (02/07/2012)
  • US7508223 (03/24/2009)
  • US9140660 (09/22/2015)
  • US8377276 (02/19/2013)

and three additional patents licensed from Southwest Research Institute (the principal inventor of these three patents has been an employee of Corr Instruments since 2005):

  • US7309414 (12/18/2007)
  • US6987396 (01/17/2006)
  • US6683463 (01/27/2004)
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US9109991, US8298390, US7678260, US7675297,
US7466149, US7180309, US8111078, US7508223,
US9140660, US8377276

US7309414, US6987396, US6683463 (more)

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